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Making a Difference

Lori Fowler began her career selling luxury properties in Naples in 2012. After spending over 20 years in philanthropy raising money for a myriad of local and national causes, Lori decided to join Coldwell Banker. That love of serving and helping the community never left her and a few years into her successful career, she decided that she could continue to make a difference while serving her clients. In fact, the more opportunities to serve her clients, the better she could do for her community.

In 2015, she formed a personal scholarship for local high school students supporting their first “move” in life furthering their academic careers. This scholarship affirms and financially supports the post-secondary education endeavors of young, talented, and committed leaders who have also served in the local community. Lori knows firsthand that it is important to give back while furthering yourself professionally. Some of the greatest life lessons can be learned in looking beyond the self and focusing on our contributions to others allowing us to become a better version of ourselves.

Having supported her own way through college without financial support, Fowler knows it takes balance in academics, local service experience, and drive to meet your goals. Since 2015, 20 students have been awarded a Lori Fowler | Naples Luxury Scholarship via secret ballot by a committee of past clients and respected professionals in the community. Students have attended schools ranging from the University of Miami to Hope College, and many Florida schools in between.

This $2000 scholarship offered over 4-years allows many students to pay for their books, lab materials, moving expenses, housing, dining, and whatever they wish, if they maintain full-time status, a minimum GPA, and connect in person at least once a year to share about their college experience. Through this accountability, Fowler strives to be an additional advocate and mentor in their college career facilitating their experience and guiding the trajectory of their future. This is about more than being a source to help fund educational endeavors, this is another adult playing a small role in developing future leaders of our community.

Lori looks forward to the summer and winter breaks which are busy with one-on-one visits from scholarship recipients before returning to school or internships. They stop by her office on Fifth Avenue to share their experiences, ask questions, and discuss career interests and endeavors. Overall, they are learning the value of this professional interaction and the balance between academics and life beyond school, hopefully connecting the pieces of future plans and their investment in their future.

The size of this scholarship may not be impressive, but for someone needing one more engaged adult willing to be a sounding board and mentor, the award is priceless. In any given year, Fowler can find herself supporting nine students at once. One day, it would be very exciting to see these students all together and absorb the impact this scholarship and community engagement has made.

For more information about the scholarship, the Community Foundation of Collier County has a database of available scholarships for local high school students.



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