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The art of making a small bathroom feel larger

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If you’re planning to put your home on the market, and you’ve got a bathroom that’s on the smaller side, there are inexpensive ways to help make it appear larger without having to move a wall or change its footprint. Consider these tips and tricks to make your small bathroom appear larger to better compete with other homes for sale in Naples.

#1: Tile the Shower to the Ceiling

The key to this trick is to draw the eye higher upward toward the ceiling. When you tile your shower walls to meet the ceiling it makes the walls appear taller, which enhances the visual volume of your bathroom. So, go the extra mile with a little extra tile!

Along with tiling to the ceiling, consider installing a shower door—if you currently use a shower curtain. A drawn shower curtain visually cuts the shower off from the rest of the bathroom, which can make it appear smaller. Or you can simply leave the curtain open during open houses. But buyers will no doubt appreciate your upgrade from a curtain to a shower door!

#2: Paint Using Light Colors and a Flat Finish

This tip shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s the easiest and oldest trick in the book. Dark colors visually shrink spaces by making walls appear to draw inward. So, paint with light colors to keep your bath looking airy and bright.

The finish of the paint you use matters, too. Opt for a flat, or matte, finish because it has a chalky appearance, which can de-emphasize surface imperfections on your walls and make the walls stand out less overall. Flats are also best for ceilings that have irregularities, and for hiding lap marks when you paint.

#3: Maximize the Use of Mirrors

Having friends in high places can be a great thing, but having mirrors in small spaces can be even better! Mirrors can make the walls they cover virtually disappear due to their reflective nature. If you hang two wide mirrors above a double vanity or install one continuous mirror over a single or double vanity, you will open up the look of your small bath.

#4: Lay Floor Tile on a Diagonal, or Use Large Tile

You can visually enhance the size of the footprint of your small bath. Laying floor tile at a 45-degree angle can stretch the eye and give the appearance of a larger floor space. The first tile should be positioned in a corner of the room where the walls form a 90-degree angle.

Another way to give your bath the appearance of a larger footprint is by installing large tiles—tiles that are bigger than the common 1-foot by 1-foot size.


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