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Helping people to live healthy lives

Born and raised in Ukraine – Dr. Svetlana Kogan dreamt of two things since early childhood: to become a doctor and to move to the United States – the land of the free and opportunities. It took her family 14 years to obtain permission to leave what was then the Soviet Union.

In 1986, Svetlana and her parents arrived in New York, and the teenager started toiling at excelling in high school and working in a bagel shop and a pharmacy on the weekends. Having won the Presidential Award and a Westinghouse Science Talent Search Semifinal for her summer research in diabetes, she was one of the first graduates of her public high school to get accepted to Cornell University. After graduating with a B.A. in Biology, she pursued her Medical Degree at the New York State Program at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

Dr. Kogan fell in love with Internal Medicine because it was a bit like solving mysteries and yet allowed her to bond with the patients and continue to follow them on their path to wellness. She ended up completing her medical internship and residency at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Following her ‘carpe diem’ philosophy, she passed the National Boards and gave birth to a baby girl the day after.

When her daughter was six months old, Dr. Kogan finally opened her private practice. Having business in NYC was very tough and competitive, and yet early on in her medical career, she began expanding her professional horizons by studying Holistic and Functional Medicine, Hypnosis, and Ayurveda. This made her a doctor with a unique set of skills and the patients started coming from different states, and even flying in from abroad to benefit from Dr. Kogan’s medical expertise and holistic philosophy. She even authored a book, Diet Slave No More!, in 2016 and over the years has published hundreds of virtual and in-print articles about holistic health. What’s more, she has appeared as a guest holistic health expert on various primetime TV programs on Fox News, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

While visiting Southwest Florida, Dr. Kogan fell in love with the peace and quiet of the whispering waves, the mesmerizing flights of pelicans, and the amazing public schools where she envisioned her children would thrive and moved to Florida at the end of 2018. It was incredibly hard to leave behind everything she’d worked so hard for and to start her business from scratch. Yet, she knew that her unique professional skill set, two decades of experience, and being hard-working were ingredients for success. Naturally, this formula worked: today she does exactly what she always dreamt of doing – helping people to live healthy and vibrant lives.


Dr. Kogan, MD

Concierge Holistic and Functional Internal Medicine

720 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 209

Naples FL 34102



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