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Getting to Know Microsoft Windows 11

Q: Do I need Microsoft Windows 11, or can I stick with Windows 10?

A: Microsoft will continue supporting Windows 10 with security updates until October 2025. For this reason, if you are provided with the update free of charge and your applications are compatible with Windows 11, you may want to consider the upgrade.  If you are purchasing a new system, it should have Windows 11 installed.  Buyer Beware: Some systems that are purchased through Amazon and other online stores are not compatible with Windows 11.

Q: Why do I need a Microsoft Account?

A: Microsoft requires an account on a new PC running Windows 11. It increases security and allows for data syncing (OneDrive and Edge browsing) across devices. Use your email address BUT a different secure password (12 characters: numbers, lower and capital letters, and a symbol).  Write these credentials down in a safe place!

Q: How can I change the settings for Windows?

A: Click on the Start icon and select Settings or use the combination of keys (Windows + i).  You can manually search at the top for power settings among many other options, such as devices and printers, Bluetooth, personalization, apps, security, and updates.

Q: How do I change my default app for files like .pdf or browsing the Internet?

A: Open the Settings app and tap on the Apps section in the left-hand menu. Choose Default Apps, and click on the app to change settings.

Q: How can I move my taskbar to the left corner as it always was in previous Windows versions?

A: Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and choose taskbar alignment

Q: How can I make the display larger?

A: Open Settings and type Display Settings into the search.  Change the scale to 125%.

Q: Should I shut down my computer or leave it on each time I use it?

A:  Windows 11 installs many updates upon a reboot, so I do suggest shutting it down or rebooting once a week at the minimum.  Remember that restarting a system fixes many glitches.

Q: How do I shut down or restart my Windows 11 computer?

A: Click the Start icon and click the power icon on the right lower side of the menu to shut down, restart, sleep, or sign out.


Heather is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer that also has a background in teaching.

She can be reached at 239.825.0011 or by email at


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