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What QuickBooks version is best for your business?

QuickBooks accounting app | Photo by Ascannio


QuickBooks® Online, Desktop Subscription,or Keeping Your Legacy QuickBooks® Desktop Edition

For years businesses have been using QuickBooks® for accounting. In fact, Intuit is the leader in the industry for small businesses. If your software is current, you noticed that 2021 was the last year that Intuit allowed you to buy their software without a subscription. Since then, QuickBooks® has evolved to Plus, a subscription-based solution to QuickBooks® Desktop and Online. Recently, Intuit has made an announcement to inform users of a deadline that may affect your business.

The word “subscription” is nothing new to us. Services such as TV streaming apps, digital music, cloud storage, and most software, including Intuit, are now subscription-based. Recently, Intuit sent out an email informing users that if you are a fan of QuickBooks® Desktop, July 31, 2024, will be the last day that you can buy into the QuickBooks® Desktop subscription. After this date, your next upgrade will be to the Online version. The desktop subscription is annual (Pro Plus starting at $650 and Premium Plus starting at $950). Additional licenses will increase that rate and are also paid for annually. The Online versions tend to be cheaper and start at $30 a month.

What does this mean for the business owners who choose to use the legacy edition that they bought years ago? They must decide whether to take a risk and continue to go about bookkeeping and accounting with outdated software or subscribe to the latest and greatest software.

Most people will read this and immediately turn to Intuit’s website. Note that you will not find any form of reference to Desktop Pro or Premium Plus on their site. For this reason, I really believe that they want all subscribers to eventually buy into the Online version. To date, no one at Intuit can give me an answer as to whether the desktop version will disappear in years to come. For more information, contact QuickBooks® Sales by calling 877.683.3280. Alternate numbers on the web may lead you to hacked or modified versions that were designed to scam.


Heather is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer that also has a background in teaching.

She can be reached at 239.825.0011 or by email at


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