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5 Tips for Using Plants to Stage Your Home

Why Stage with Plants?

Staging a home with plants is a great way to show buyers that it’s an excellent place to live. Plants bring life, and they help create a favorable impression for buyers. However, staging a home with plants requires you to do a little bit of homework first.

5 Tips for Using Plants to Stage Your Home

Check out these five tips for using plants to stage your home:

1. Draw attention to all the right places

2. Use stands

3. Pick interesting – but not bold – pots

4. Mix and match styles

5. Opt for low-maintenance greenery

Here’s a closer look at each

Tip # 1: Draw Attention to All the

Right Places

You can use plants to draw attention to features that you want buyers to notice. For example, placing a beautiful plant on your mantle will encourage buyers to look at the fireplace; putting one on your expansive kitchen counter can attract attention to the fact that there’s plenty of room for cooking and entertaining.

Choose areas you want buyers to notice, and then consider whether a plant can draw the right kind of attention to the space.

Tip #2: Use Stands

If you have an unused corner in your home, why not add a plant stand? Plant stands don’t take up much room, and they can bring life to an area that would otherwise go unnoticed. By drawing buyers’ attention to the unused corners in your home, you’re really illustrating how large your rooms are.

Tip #3: Pick Interesting–but Not Bold–Pots

The key with anything in home staging is to draw attention to great features without overwhelming prospective buyers with your design choices. Choose visually interesting pots for your plants, but not those that will steal the show. After all, you want buyers to notice the features of your home, not the plants that you’ll be taking with you when you leave.

Tip #4: Mix and Match Styles

Use a good mix of plants in your staging efforts. Pick some that flower, some that dangle, and some that stand upright. Using a visually appealing mix of plants helps break up the monotony in any room, and it shows buyers how versatile your space can be.

Tip #5: Opt for Low-Maintenance Greenery

Dead plants don’t impress anyone, so choose plants that are easy to maintain. Find those that need very little water and sunlight so they can thrive under any conditions, at least while your home is on the market. This is particularly important if you are not exceptionally skilled in the plant department.

What Plants Should You Use in Home Staging?

The plants you choose can make a big impact on your space. Consider:

  • Floor plants for empty corners or drawing attention to a room’s height

  • Palms and ferns for wide-open spaces

  • Succulents and cactus plants for tabletops

  • Flowering plants to add color in ordinarily plain spaces


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