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Victor Vasarely – The Absolute Eye

Photo(s) by Tim Gibbons


Naples Art Institute is thrilled to announce our new exhibition featuring the renowned Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely, on view through January 28, 2024. Victor Vasarely: The Absolute Eye will celebrate the works of the master of optokinetic art, a mathematically themed form of abstract art that aims to stimulate the eye through the radical use of shapes and colors.

Victor Vasarely: The Absolute Eye features a diverse collection of Vasarely’s iconic pieces, including serigraphs, watercolors, and gouaches. The collection reflects Vasarely’s ability to see the world through a prism, translating shapes and forms into a set of basic “art elements,” which he captured and then used to convey his messages through his stunning images.

Vasarely’s enduring fascination with linear patterning inspired him to create depictions of both figurative and abstract patterns. His revolutionary “kinetic” visual experiments not only revolutionized two-dimensional art, but also marked a significant epoch in art history, hinting at a forthcoming global reality shaped by programming and the Internet.

“We are excited to bring Victor Vasarely’s groundbreaking op-art to Naples,” said Frank Verpoorten, Executive Director, and Chief Curator of Naples Art Institute. “Vasarely was a true artistic trailblazer. His work continues to be a source of inspiration, and we are thrilled to provide our community with the opportunity to explore his artistic vision up close.”

Naples Art Institute is honored to host this remarkable exhibition, which is made possible through the underwriting of Joanne Wyss. Naples Art Institute also wishes to thank Melody Sawyer Richardson and Edwards Asset Management for their generous sponsorship.

Victor Vasarely: The Absolute Eye is organized by PAN Art Connections.

Tickets and additional information about the exhibition, including hours of operation, can be found on the Naples Art Institute website:

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