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The Poet of Light

Laurent Parcelier

Laurent Parcelier Guardian of our Home 29 x 36


Laurent Parcelier’s sun-drenched paintings can most eloquently be described as poetry and light.

Whatever setting surrounds Laurent, it offers him the opportunity to turn this light into the main character of his poems on canvas. If you look closely at his paintings with eyes half-closed, you will feel the sparkles surrounding you.

Parcelier was born in 1962 in Chamalier, France. Talented and hard-working from a young age, Laurent quickly gained success creating and illustrating fantasy comics. Fate encouraged him to participate in a fine-art exhibition and contest, in which he quickly proved himself to be a master painter. Parcelier developed his signature style in the mid-1990s and since then has won adoration and recognition throughout Europe and the United States.

L to R: Kerdalo Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris 31.5 x 31.5

Laurent Parcelier Panorama sur la mer 26 x 32

Kerdalo Métro Les Halles Chatelet 32 x 25.5


With the seductive effects of light and shadow, Laurent Parcelier’s artwork does not fit into any known category. Critics refer to this innovative technique as stylized, or modern impressionism.

Laurent’s artworks are visions of an earthly paradise where everything is beautiful, orderly, and bathed in a soft glow. His paintings are so full of life that the viewer has only to make up his own story for the illusion to be perfect.

Laurent has two approaches at his disposal to create this modern heaven on earth. He paints under two different names: Laurent Parcelier and Kerdalo. Each style is distinct, yet both employ light and shadow techniques.

Parcelier’s paintings soothe with their serene beauty, calming our hearts and souls, and providing an escape from our hectic lives.

Kerdalo Métro Les Halles Chatelet 32 x 25.5

The soft color palette invites us to daydream about a peaceful existence following its course gently and joyfully. We gaze at the leaves and their shadows, which always appear to be flooded with light no matter what the weather or season. Laurent veils the canvas with a thousand details like a fine lace of light. Drenched in shimmer, Parcelier’s paintings are at the same time filled with light and haze.

His paintings exude an atmosphere of peace, harmony, luxury, and joy. We sense the painter’s love of nature, grand chateaus, bustling cities, and warm family atmospheres.

Painting under the pseudonym Kerdalo, the artist uses light to demonstrate movement in night-time cities. These mostly urban subjects are the perfect place to capture the moment as a frozen animation frame of a city.

A true ethnographer, Kerdalo tells the story of each living and vibrant city. His works differ from traditional French impressionist painting, primarily due to their graphicness. The artist’s previous experience in comics allows him to assemble chaotic strokes and distorted perspectives into a single plot of the painting.

No matter the season or time of day, there are practically no gloomy and rainy paintings. It seems that Laurent Parcelier lives on some other planet, where there is no sadness and tears, but only joy, poetry, and light.


Paintings by Parcelier and Kerdalo are available at East West Fine Art in Mercato. 9115 Strada Place #5155. |


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