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State of the City

Naples is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants, countless golf courses, and now, playgrounds. On May 18th, the newly remodeled Fleischmann Park playground opened to the public. As one of the busiest parks in the county, Fleischmann’s remodel was long overdue.

The new Fleischmann Park focuses on the wants and needs of not only local children but all those that use the park. The playground company in charge of the remodel, Play & Park Structures, designed a park that has equipment accessible to everyone, including those living with disabilities or conditions such as autism. One notable addition to the playground is Play & Park’s Temple Trolley, which allows the user to “free spin” from one end to the other. This kind of equipment aims to offer sensory relief for those on the autism spectrum.

The inclusivity of this playground does not just apply to children. Play & Park Structures also wanted to build a playground that could be used by adults, including seniors. Parks are one of the few free resources accessible to our community. They are essential in supporting physical fitness and appreciation of the outdoors for both children and adults. In support of this, the new playground includes equipment that satisfies those children looking for a more challenging level of activity.

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of a $100,000 donation from the Community Foundation of Collier County, led by Eileen Connolly-Keesler, this project was able to move forward despite being above the city’s original budget. I also commend the city’s Director of Parks, Recreation, and Facilities, Chad Merrit, for his hard work and dedication to getting this project finished in time for the summer. Now, the newly remodeled, one-of-a-kind Fleischmann Park can be enjoyed by children over their summer vacation and those in our community for years to come.

I encourage everyone to enjoy the parks throughout the city!

Thank you,

Mayor Teresa Heitmann


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