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Fitness Together – Still going strong after 20 years

Fitness Together (FT) in downtown Naples celebrates its 20th anniversary! FT has indeed been the “Premiere Fitness Studio” in downtown Naples since signing their lease in December, 2003. Located at 335 14th Avenue South for all these years, they have been called the “cheers without the alcohol,” “the icing on the cake,” assisting thousands of people along the way. They take pride in every detail of their studio.

Upon arriving in Naples from the east coast of Florida, Paula Allia and Annette Suridis wanted to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of the city's residents and visitors. It was important to them to have a facility that was not large and impersonal, nor one that was small with a large area. With one-on-one sessions in private rooms with similar equipment, clients could have privacy along with the trainer's full attention without interruptions, ensuring that goals would be reached and work could be done without interruptions. The only area shared is the cardio room where many long-lasting friendships have been made.

Both Allia and Suridis wanted to provide the best care possible to their clients. Having already worked in their fields for over twenty years, both felt that by providing the right atmosphere and having the right knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and exercise, they could indeed make a positive impact in their client's day-to-day lives.

Responses from clients regarding FT are exceptional. There is a special touch and feel to the studio, starting with the welcome towel and beverage upon entering the door to the departure once completing a workout session. Apples are gleaming, and bananas are perfectly ripe. Clients often continue their training virtually over the summers so that upon returning they continue to progress rather than fall behind.

A larger space was available to FT, but the decision to remain a four-room studio to maintain personalized service took precedence. Making clients feel special and adapting programs to meet  individual needs by accommodating to age specific, medical and orthopedic issues is the key!"

It is common for clients to not know exactly what they need when they enter FT. If there is uncertainty regarding fitness and movement goals, a trained professional can help. FT's current programs consist of strength, sport-specific, and balance training as well as a stretching program designed to meet each goal.

Many of the FT clients that started twenty years ago are still working out today. That is quite an accomplishment!

It has been ten years since Steve Ippolito, now owner, joined the FT team. Prior to moving back home to Naples, Ippolito worked with the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox. He had met Elena, his now wife, and rejoined his Naples community once he finished traveling with these teams.

FT has multiple trainers, all dedicated to making a positive impact for their clients. The amount of education between the owners and staff is well over a combined 75 years, which is incredible. Continuing education and progression are crucial to their success.

Fitness Together continues to grow and thrive. Despite COVID, a hurricane, and a rebuild, it continues to flourish. Allia, Suridis, and Ippolito are so grateful for the incredible opportunity to compliment, work, and help those who have been clients here. Each day brings a new opportunity to be able to help others. Their hopes are those that aren't familiar with FT will come in and experience a new beginning for their body, mind, and spirit.


FT will remain in the same location for many years to come! Learn more about what they can do for you by calling 239.263.9348.

Here’s to your health!


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