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State of the City

It is May and we are entering my favorite month!

We are at the end of the season, and I am interested to see if there will be relief from traffic and hectic conditions. I am curious if we will see a slower pace in the city. We love our visitors, but there is nothing like being in our city during the summer. Don’t forget to take a moment to see how clear and blue the water is this month! We shall see if there is a change or not. I personally enjoyed the art shows, great theater, famous dining, and shopping this season. I hope everyone did as well.

In general, life has been different for Naples and our country. I hope by the time this article comes out that the legislators have turned from their proposed bills that have extreme overreach into local government control. In my experience, the state legislators have slowly encroached into the local home rule, but this year is the worst. I encourage everyone to pay attention to the status of this year’s section. Hopefully, they will just balance the budget that they are charged to do and let local officials make legislation that’s important to cities and counties.

Locally, we had several issues that challenged our civility as a community. I hope that we remember all the neighborhoods and people that make Naples the special community that it is. As mayor, no matter the issues we face, I hope we find resolve with thoughtful consideration of what is best for all. Please check out the facts on issues that may arise and when in doubt, reach out to me, I am happy to share my perspectives.

Naples once again has gained recognition for being the best in our country. I am always honored to represent our city, its people, and its visitors. My hope is that we continue to care for our neighbors and be thoughtful and kind to each other while enjoying paradise.

God Bless,

Mayor Teresa Heitmann


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