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Q & A with Gabriella Acosta and Heddy Zubrowski

There’s no doubt the design style in Naples is evolving! We’ve seen the progression from traditional, to transitional, and to European modern where the beauty of these Italian Collections speaks to their audience! Our affluent interior designers are being driven more and more into the Casa Italia showroom as their projects demand a level of sophistication and excellence. It’s something you must experience in person to appreciate the details and thought behind every developed and carefully curated piece.

Gabriella Acosta of Casa Italia says, “It’s really a treat for our designers to meticulously choose every detail of the furnishings they are specifying for their clients! You have textiles from Italy that are unmatched and finishes down to the feet that you can coordinate with other finishes in the home.”

To dive deeper into the conversation, Gabriella Acosta sat down with Heddy Zubrowski of Heddy Z Designs.

Heddy is an accomplished interior designer with over 30 years of experience in creating beautiful, functional spaces that reflect her clients’ unique styles and personalities. Over the years, Heddy has built a reputation for her discerning taste, eclectic eye, and an exceptional sense of style.

Her firm, Heddy Z Designs, is an interior design firm that is known for its exceptional style and commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious design practices.

Gabriella Acosta Heddy Zubrowski


Q: What design trends are you seeing in our industry when it comes to styles in furnishings and how has that driven your design approach and business?

The typical “transitional style” which has been long prevalent in our Southwest area is now losing popularity. The evolving trends lean towards more modern and unique Italian designs. Additionally, our Naples clientele is shifting from a more conservative style to a chic aesthetic, as expected with the expansion of our area and the arrival of new generations. As someone who has always preferred a modern style, I encourage clients to keep things simple and uncluttered. I am very excited about the future of modern design in Naples.

Q: When you start your search for furnishing a new project, what is most important for you as a designer taking on the role to select on behalf of your client?

What is of utmost importance is to listen to my client's needs and desires and translate their visions into perfect living spaces. Therefore, first understand requirements, preferences, and tastes, and then work to translate that into spaces that perfectly reflect their unique personality and enhance their quality of life.

Additionally, I strive to ensure my clients' comfort by selecting finishes and materials that promote healthy living, while also creating a warm and inviting ambiance in their homes.

Q: What are some of the obstacles and solutions you have faced with some of your most recent projects where you specified Italian European furnishings? How did you work around those obstacles?

Previously, I had to travel to the East Coast of Florida to find distinctive modern pieces. However, I finally discovered Casa Italia and The Collective showrooms in Naples, which offer a wide range of luxury modern furnishings that are both unique and incredibly comfortable. In addition, we were able to customize many items to meet our clients' specific needs. As a designer, I understand the significance of experiencing and testing furnishings, to get an idea of how they will appear and feel in a home, and my clients also appreciate this aspect.

Q: Heddy, you’ve been a designer who’s worked with many sources from here to Miami for many years. Can you expand on why it matters to purchase from a reputable dealer, with years of longevity, experience, and financial stability such as Casa Italia? What was your experience like?

It’s extremely important to purchase from a reputable dealer, as I want to ensure that my clients are satisfied with the quality of their furnishings for years to come, and I find comfort in knowing that Casa Italia stands behind their products. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that my clients not only see the value in their investment but also feel completely satisfied with the design outcomes.

In addition, working with Gabriella (and Angela) at Casa Italia has been a wonderful experience for both me and my clients, who have expressed how much they enjoyed visiting the showroom. We not only appreciate the quality of the products but also commend their professionalism and expertise throughout the entire process.


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