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Preparing your home for an open house

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Your house is on the market and you’re hoping that potential buyers fall in love. In order to make sure your property is properly prepared for prospective buyers before your open house and that it stands out from other homes for sale in Naples, consider these four simple tips.

Invest in New Bathroom Towels and Accessories

As the saying goes, love is in the details. And when your home is on the market, every detail matters. That’s why it’s important to offer buyers a sense of luxury in your loo by giving it a spa-like atmosphere.

On open house day, this can mean staging the en suite bath in your primary bedroom with items like plush towels and robes, loofah sponges, soaps, and candles. Consider adding plants for a lush vibe.

Do everything you can to make your bathroom feel like a destination so that when potential buyers visit your space they’ll feel like they’ve stepped into their own private retreat.

Create Inviting Dining

Be sure to set your dining table on the day of your open house. Not only will potential buyers see how their families may dine, they’ll also be able to visualize how they might entertain guests.

And don’t forget spaces like breakfast bars. Make sure there’s seating and place settings there, too. House hunters will be able to imagine their family enjoying a leisurely breakfast on weekends, or the kids having an after school snack.

Be sure that your table decor fits with the theme and vibe of your interior design. (Do remember to keep things relatively neutral, though).

Make Yourself Scarce

Throughout your open house there may be many individuals and families who cross the doors of your home. If you’re tempted to attend the event and introduce yourself to potential buyers, you wouldn’t be alone—many sellers would probably want to, too. Resist the temptation, though. It’s almost never a good idea. Your presence would likely inhibit buyers’ ability to freely express their opinions and feelings as they evaluate your home, and negatively impact their overall experience and impression of your residence.

While you’re away, be sure to carry your pets with you. A barking or roaming fur baby may be a turnoff for some homebuyers.

Get Rid of Odors

Before open house day, make sure the interior of your home smells fresh. However, avoid using things like incense, plugin air fresheners, and heavy aerosols, since their scents could be off-putting to some buyers.

Simply give your home a thorough cleaning and proper ventilation before the event.


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