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  • Andrea Giordano

New Year’s Resolution & Cederquist – Perfect together!

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Living in Naples, experiencing the best restaurants, finest organic and gourmet grocery stores and bakeries, I gained weight and I really want to lose it. I know I need to lose 35 pounds. I know my clothes are fitting too tightly. The last thing I want to do is go up a size and spend money on large-sized clothing. Rather than spend on a closet full of XL clothes, I have decided for the end of this year to invest in my health.

Weight loss education and working with Cederquist coaches have helped me win the weight loss battle and live my best life. I am shedding pounds weekly without having to starve myself! Who would have thought that is possible!? What I do know is the answer is right in the local grocery stores.

I have more energy, eat smaller portions, crave sweets less, and am in control of my body. Health is wealth. I am going into the new year in a smaller dress size and am very happy to celebrate it. I learned it is better to eat more at the beginning and middle of the day and less after 4 p.m. I learned to get my carbs in only at breakfast or lunch. I only buy foods that are high in protein and low in carbs. That is what keeps people full, and it is working for me.

But the real way to learn what to buy at the market and how to kill it in the weight loss department is to have a free consultation with Cederquist Medical Wellness Center. They can prescribe weight loss supplements that aid in losing weight faster. The biggest change I have seen is in knowing when to eat the protein and carbs, and how much to eat. I learned what are the best snacks, desserts, and foods to buy in the market. So many people snack all day but may be eating empty calories. By learning the best brands at the market for optimum protein and low carbs, I am winning the battle, thanks to Cederquist located right on Pine Ridge Road off US 41 North. When you call, say Andrea recommended you!

Cederquist is a primary care medical office that utilizes blood tests to learn where patients are deficient and what their body needs to be 100% healthy. They offer so many services. Check out for details. Or call: 239.800.0217

Isn’t it time to have a wonderful New Year’s feeling that you are your very best? I know for me the time was NOW. Here is a toast to your health! Thank you, Cederquist.


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