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National Staying Healthy Month

Celebrate National Staying Healthy Month throughout January to kick off 2024 with a special health-focused celebration.  After the socializing and festivities of the previous year, this month encourages everyone to focus on overall well-being and self-care.  The goal is to encourage people to embrace a healthier lifestyle by promoting healthy routines throughout January.


People have always wanted to know what makes the human body healthy. Around the 5th century B.C.E., Hippocrates developed his concepts of medicine. The “Father of Modern Medicine” as he was called, first documented the concept of bodily health as we know it.

Gradually, as the world learned more about themselves and their environment, humanity’s understanding of health developed too. The ancient Romans made amazing innovations (for that period) in sanitation and public health.  By the 18th and 19th centuries, innovations came about, such as vaccinations, surgical procedures, and more knowledge about what the body needed to function.  People began realizing that exercise and eating the right foods could prevent illnesses.  Mental well-being began to be explored, and mental impairments were no longer considered unusual.  Today, health is viewed as a complete ecosystem of the mind and body.  People seek balance, and this is the knowledge that National Staying Healthy Month strives to instill in everyone.


  • Stay healthy: physical exercise

  • Make a positive change during this month, whether by getting more exercise regularly or treating yourself to a gadget-free day.

  • Stay healthy: mental exercise

  • Remember to exercise your mind in the same way that you would your body. Take some time to look after your mental health; practice any technique that works for you.

  • Inspire others to stay healthy

  • Don’t enjoy the benefits of good health all on your own; share your tips with friends and family. Encourage others to stay healthy too!

5 Ways to Stay Healthy

  1. Water is critical to cellular function.

Staying well hydrated is key for our bodies to function properly.  Especially here in Florida, we need to be mindful of good hydration, not only with water but with daily electrolyte replacement!

2. Reduce sitting and screen time.

They’re great — in moderation.  Moving naturally increases blood flow and less time in front of a screen is beneficial to our eyes and brains.  If you must use a screen, make sure the blue light filter is on, and try not to use screens one hour before bed!

3. Laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter increases blood flow by 20%, which is good for our bodies, and even better for our minds.  Catch a good comedy show in person!

4. Reading beats stress.

Getting engrossed in reading can reduce cortisol and other unhealthy stress hormone levels.

5. Green for mental health

Spending time outdoors can boost mental health and self-esteem, and reduce negative thoughts too.  Get out and enjoy the beautiful Naples sunset!

Our health and longevity are very important, and this month is just the boost we need to improve our lives.

Since we’re stronger together, we’re building a much better world by being able to take care of others’ mental and physical health.

Health awareness is crucial to rally support and increase community awareness of how to fight illnesses. The more humans connect, the more tools and knowledge we possess to keep ourselves healthy.  #STAYHEALTHYNAPLES


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