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Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The Perfect Holiday Gift

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is a popular choice for just about anyone who enjoys flexibility and mobility while computing. This device physically transforms from a laptop to a tablet in seconds by simply removing the signature magnetic keyboard (sold separately) to utilize the 13” touchscreen. Microsoft Windows 11 allows you to switch the operating system from laptop mode to tablet mode as well. With icons or apps, you will learn to love Microsoft’s two-in-one hybrid design. The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is available in two models, having different processors and additional capabilities.

For those who are on the go, the Surface Pro 9 is ultra-portable due to its size, weight, and aluminum casing design. Traveling is easy because of the battery life that allows up to eight or more unplugged hours. The surprisingly impressive performance is a win for this device weighing under two pounds. The powerful 12th-generation Intel Core processor in the Surface Pro 9 can be coupled with up to 32 GB of memory to keep you moving rapidly. Microsoft can integrate OneDrive for cloud storage but if you prefer to store files locally, the Surface Pro 9 offers 1 TB of storage.

If you are continuously on the road, consider the Surface Pro 9 with 5G capability. An upgrade to the Surface Pro 9 and a little more expensive, this 5G model has a longer battery life and an SQ3 processor. Second, this Surface Pro allows you to have internet anytime, anywhere. It will require a cellular subscription, but you will never have to seek out a public Wi-Fi connection in a time of need. Third, it has NPU (Neural Processing Unit) which solely handles AI Voice Focus to block background noises, and Auto Framing which adjusts the camera while in motion. Both AI features were built for precise video calling. This unique package is undeniably the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who enjoys Microsoft applications.

Heather is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer that also has a background in teaching.

She can be reached at 239.825.0011 or by email at


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