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Microsoft OneDrive Q & A

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

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Q: What is OneDrive?

A: OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud that stores your information on remote servers.

Q: Should I use OneDrive?

A: It is a personal preference, but OneDrive is available for you to store your desktop files, documents and pictures in the cloud. OneDrive can also be uninstalled on your device if you choose not to use it.

Q: What are the benefits of OneDrive?

A: Safe file storage as well as access to your data anytime from any device (computer, phone, tablet).

Q: Why did my files go to OneDrive?

A: The OneDrive application that is built into Windows 10 and 11. Many Microsoft updates or upgrades prompt you to utilize OneDrive if you aren’t already. If you agree to use it, OneDrive automatically begins syncing your files to the cloud.

Q: Where can I find my OneDrive files?

A: OneDrive files can be found in Internet Explorer.

Q: Is OneDrive free?

A: Microsoft allows users to enjoy OneDrive for free but you are limited to 5 GB storage. They offer a standalone plan that provides 100GB of storage for $20 a year. Most people subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 and they automatically benefit from 1 TB of storage. In addition, Microsoft Office 365 Business does offer unlimited storage.

Q: What happens to my files if I uninstall OneDrive on my computer?

A: You will not lose your files if you uninstall OneDrive. This cloud can be accessed by logging into

Q: How do I log into

A: Log into using your Microsoft account (email and password).

Q: Is OneDrive secure?

A: Microsoft monitors your data and uses strong encryption when transferring your files. Use OneDrive Personal Vault for enhanced security.

Q: Can I share my OneDrive files and folders?

A: Yes, you can share it with other people by email address.

Q: Can I use OneDrive for both personal and business accounts?

A: Yes, within the app click on settings and select accounts to add an account. You can only have one personal account at a time.

Q: What happens to my OneDrive files if my Microsoft Office 365 subscription ends?

A: To ensure the integrity of your data, it is recommended that you keep your Microsoft 365 subscription active. If you plan to let the subscription expire, all data should be downloaded to a local hard drive.


Heather is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer that also has a background in teaching. She can be reached at 239.825.0011 or by email at


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