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  • Patrick Benes

Mercato Art Celebration

In Naples, Florida, an artistic renaissance is set to unfold on January 27 and 28, with the Mercato Art Celebration Art Show. Organized by Naples Picasso Events. This two-day spectacle, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, is more than an art exhibition; it’s a cultural festival in the heart of the city.

The event will bring together a diverse array of art forms. Attendees can expect to see a range of artistic mediums – from vivid paintings and intricate sculptures to captivating photography and innovative mixed media. Each artwork is not just a visual delight but a conversation piece, offering a glimpse into the artist’s perspective and creativity.

The Mercato Art Celebration is where art enthusiasts and collectors can connect with national and international artists. It’s an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate their shared passion for art and culture. The event is designed to be more than just an exhibition; it’s a space where art becomes the language of connection and inspiration.

Left: Mooky Pillo, The Painter  | 40 x 30 | Acrylic on Canvas

Middle: Paul Henry Devoti

Right: Amanda Cody Klebanoff


Beyond the art, the show promises a comprehensive experience. Situated in Naples’ bustling Mercato area, known for its delightful eateries and chic boutiques, the event is perfectly placed for attendees to enjoy the local flavors and shopping experiences. With the beautiful Florida weather, ample parking, and pedestrian-friendly streets, the show is set up for maximum enjoyment and accessibility.

In a significant move, Mercato and Collier County will close the streets to vehicle traffic during the show, allowing for a leisurely and immersive experience. This decision not only facilitates intimate interactions with the art and artists but also showcases the community’s dedication to supporting and celebrating the arts.

This event is an invitation to experience the artistic heart of Naples. Whether you’re a seasoned art collector, a casual admirer of art, or just looking for a unique way to spend your weekend, the Mercato Art Celebration Art Show offers something for everyone. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the world of art and to connect with the vibrant cultural scene of Naples.

Mark your calendars for a weekend where art takes the spotlight in Naples. Join us on January 27 and 28 for a celebration that’s set to be as enlightening as it is entertaining. The Mercato Art Celebration Art Show is more than just an event; it’s a journey into Naples’ rich tapestry of art and culture.


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