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It is TIME to Find the Snag in Your Sweater Before it’s Too Late!


It is apparent that most people these days have some sort of issue that they are not happy about regarding the body. Some have more problems than others. What seems to be a common trend is that peoples’ focus is on symptoms and alleviating these while all the while this relief is usually temporary because the cause has not been addressed.

Joint and muscle problems are far too common. Usually, people seek help only when they are having enough pain that they become restricted in their activities. At that time, a quick fix is usually what is desired so that resuming activities can begin as quickly as possible.

Many times, the length of time that someone has a joint or muscle problem, the body learns to adapt to that problem. In other words, the body will take the path of least resistance and still try and do a task despite the malfunctioning body part. That is why a lot of people do not even recognize that a problem may be something that can develop into a more serious issue. Yet if taken care of immediately the problem could be resolved before the body is led down an alternative path.

Movement deals with both joint motion and neuromuscular function.  Different activities demand a certain number of joint mechanics that are supported by the ligaments and muscles allowing for proper function. To the right are circumstances in which adaptations occur to allow function but then pain becomes a factor.

  • The knee joint develops pain because certain hip muscles are weak.

  • A person develops headaches because shoulder motions are restricted.

  • Shoulder pain develops because the thumb motion is limited.

  • The hip joint is overused because the back is stiff.

  • The shoulder develops pain because the scapular muscles are not activating in a timely manner.

  • The neck develops pain because the shoulder alignment causes excess use.

  • The back develops pain because the hip structures are tight.

  • The back develops a restriction in one of the joints and thus another back joint loosens and becomes hyper-mobile, leading to pain.

Things happen in everyday life that can cause muscle or joint dysfunctions.  The key to helping yourself is to try and find the snag in the sweater. In other words, an issue is developing but is it strictly local, or is the problem coming from above or below the area of pain? If you cannot find it, then go to someone who can try and help solve this problem.

Take a look around Naples and you will see people that are not walking straight. Perhaps they lean to one side, develop a limp, or maybe just find that their balance is not what it used to be. Do you know anybody who fits this description?

If you have issues that need addressing, it may be time to find an expert who can work on specific problems that may be present. The key is finding out why something is changing.

It is not always a new injury that is stand-alone.  Most times it is muscle and movement imbalances that occur due to a snag somewhere. When another area takes up the slack, it may overwork or change its angle which then leaves more vulnerability for breakdown.

This new year, find where your snags are and correct them with the right exercises. Don’t wait until it is too late to help yourself.

Here’s to Your Health!



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