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Guess-Fisher Gallery paints their love of SWFL

Guess-Fisher Gallery has been going strong for forty years. After getting married in 1981, Phil and Natalie opened their first gallery in 1983. Although moving locations from time to time, their followers have no trouble finding them and continue to support these two artists actively.

About Natalie Guess

Guess is one of a small number of professional fine art batik artists across the United States and has worked in this medium for more than forty-five years. She received her degree in Pottery and Business at Drake University in Des Moines but continued to do batik in her dorm room. Guess has taught numerous classes and created many works of art in clay over the years. Her work can be seen at the Watson Gallery at Naples Art Center’s permanent collection and at local businesses including Northern Trust Bank, Lee Memorial Health Park, and the Lely Corporation. Numerous private collections and public galleries elsewhere also contain her batiks. Her batiks are created with wax and dyes on fabric.

About Phil Fisher

Fisher has been painting professionally in Naples, Florida in watercolors and oils for the past fifty years. The majority of his work is done "plein air," with his visual preference for landscapes. His colorful and vibrant paintings often get the comment..."They just make me happy!"

"I love being around the water, so I have a particular love for boats, especially sailboats, beaches, and palm trees. I love the tropical light and colors of the islands."

Fisher shows his fondness for places he's traveled to in his paintings. His paintings feature scenes of Italy, San Miguel, Mexico, The Bahamas, Florida, Ohio, New England states, and Northern Michigan. He paints in a palette that expresses his emotional connection with the light he experiences in these different areas of the world.


Both Guess and Fisher's artwork truly reflects their love of Naples and SWFL. This will be their last season at their current location at 810 12th Avenue South, and they will be looking forward to welcoming you at their new location next fall at 719 12th Avenue South . For more information, please visit their website at or just stop in and say hello!


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