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Emily James Gallery – Inspiration from the heart

Southerner Emily James is known for her versatility and custom artwork. Her extraordinary use of colors, and creative talent on canvas has garnered tremendous attention and has made her popular both nationally and internationally. Her latest pieces are classical yet contemporary, and exhibit a dimensional, textural element as well.

About The Artist

Emily is a native Florida artist who has received numerous awards and honors for her work. Three years in a row, she has been the official artist for the Masters golf tournament in Georgia. Two of Emily’s images have been among the top 50 selling prints worldwide, and she is the only artist in the United States selected by the top three fine art publishers. A signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society, Emily has been accepted into Watercolor U.S.A., and she is featured in the book, The Best of Watercolor. Her work has been exhibited at the High Museum in Atlanta, and she has been named an Outstanding American Woman in the Arts.

Artist Statement

Painting for me is about capturing and memorializing moments of adoration while strolling along beautiful beaches. My brush expresses my deep respect and reverence for nature’s majesty and power. When I paint, brush and paint more to capture the essence of life—the raw energy and movement of my subjects, be it baby sea turtles emerging from their nests, life beneath the blue seas, the translucence of cresting waves, or the tranquility of soul expressed in our turquoise waters converging with the subtropical landscape. Whenever I paint, I want to convey a sense of being surrounded by beauty and a slice of paradise. In every rich texture and color choice I have selected, my intention is to bring forth and share the joy of being alive in this moment.

“It is important for me that my art be experiential, and I want my paintings to be touched and enjoyed by the viewer.’’


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