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A Love Letter to Naples

A testament to community

Naples, Florida you are loved. I know we are all reeling from the recent hurricane and trying to process the utter devastation that has taken over our beautiful piece of paradise. Hurricane season is an annual event for us, but this year proved to put us all to the test.

I was born and raised here in Naples, Florida, so I have watched this community mature from a sleepy agricultural town to what we are today. It’s been such a wonderful experience to see Naples change over the years. I know some would say it gets too busy and crowded here at times, but I enjoy seeing Naples prosper and thrive. I feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing city, why not share it with everyone! I was fortunate to attend Seagate Elementary, Pine Ridge Middle School, and Barron Collier High School during my school years. I got to valet cars at LaPlaya and the Naples Philharmonic (now Artis—Naples) during high school, play in the BCHS marching band, and grill out at Wiggins Pass whenever I wanted to. I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world! My father, Terry Fedelem, worked for the City of Naples for over 30 years as their landscape architect, making sure our medians and Fifth Avenue downtown stayed beautiful. My mother, Nora Fedelem, was a founding teacher at the Village School and contributed to so many young children’s lives.

I officially moved back to Naples two years ago and opened my solo concierge primary care practice in January of 2021. I am honored to be able to serve this community, the way my parents have and still do. I say all of this to show how much this community means to me. It’s more than just a place to live, it’s my life. I get to raise my two boys here and go to the beach to watch the sunset or walk down the Naples Pier to watch the dolphins and sting rays. My heart is full, and I feel like I am where I am meant to be, even during the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. We have all been through a traumatic experience, and some are left with nothing. This breaks my heart and I wish I could make everything better. That’s what I do as a doctor, I want to heal people and make them feel better. I want to do this for my beautiful city.

Naples will survive. We will persevere, we will rebuild, we will be strong. I want this community to know I am here for you, just like so many other Neapolitans that share the same sentiments as me. Please be gentle with yourselves too. Allow yourself to grieve, allow yourself to feel the sadness for our loss, and seek help if you are having a hard time coping. If you ever need a reminder of why you are here, go to the beach, and watch the beauty of the masterpiece that unfolds every evening as the sun sets over the Gulf. Naples, I love you!


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