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State of the City

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Happy New Year!

While no one could have planned for the drastic change and effect that Hurricane Ian would have on all of us, I am encouraged by the care and compassion shown by many of our residents, especially those who have stepped up to help other residents and local businesses.

Nonetheless, nothing would be possible without our amazing first responder teams and city staff. I can’t say enough how proud I am of our valuable employees. One day our team is doing the normal things it takes to run a city then the next our entire emergency operations team was focused on responding to Hurricane Ian and making sure all residents were safe during one of the worst local natural disasters. As a community, we are constantly working to build our city back and we will be #NaplesStrong together.

As 2023 arrives, I am committed to working with the city council to continue our efforts in the new year. Together, we are excited to keep the momentum going when it comes to projects and events in the works. I am also very committed to working with our residents. I believe residents provide an abundance of ideas and perspectives. Naples is an amazing community because of the contributions of everyone who works and lives here, and I am very proud to represent this city we call home.

As I look ahead to the Naples Centennial year, our theme is hope. It is my hope for all residents that 2023 is filled with compassion, opportunity, and happiness, and that we celebrate another year together in this beautiful city.

Please stay safe and blessed. Happy New Year!

Mayor Teresa Heitmann


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