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Second book in the award-winning "Toofer & the Giblet" children's series

released by Dragon Horse Publishing

Dragon Horse Publishing, an independent publishing house based in Naples, has announced the official release of “Toofer & The Giblet in the Big City,” the second book in the multi-award-winning series of children’s literature.

Written by Pine Island resident Paulette LeBlanc and charmingly illustrated by Ukrainian artist Dmitry Morozov, “Toofer & The Giblet in the Big City” reunites the title characters, Toofer and The Giblet, two mice who strike out for an excitement-filled adventure as they wander outside of their home forest of Nimblewood for the first time.

The best friends have opposite personalities; Toofer is a homebody, while The Giblet yearns for adventure. But together they find plenty of action in the Big City, including peering down at the bright lights from a cousin’s rooftop mousehole; meeting new animal friends; listening to jazz at the Concert Hall; and feasting on egg rolls, bagels and pizza.


LeBlanc was born in New York, raised in Los Angeles, and has now lived in Southwest Florida for more than 30 years. As the current editor of the Pine Island

Eagle and previously serving as managing editor of Gulf Coast Woman Magazine, she has found writing fiction the most creative and perhaps the most suitable form of her work.

“Toof and Gib share a number of heartfelt stories interwoven with laughter and tears,” said LeBlanc. “There are so many life lessons about the genuine value of friendship, prizing honesty and acting with integrity that we can learn through these two characters.”

Morozov, the illustrator commissioned for the series, is an architect by training who fell in love with watercolor. His art sublimely captures the animals and their fun experiences.

“I enjoy being surrounded by children, friends, cats and dogs, and now Toofer & The Giblet have been added to the list. I’ve fallen in love with them,” said Morozov. “It’s an amazing tale of friendship and with each book in the series the magic continues to grow.”

The first book of “Toofer & The Giblet” was released in December 2021 and has earned numerous accolades, including being named a Finalist 2022 International Book Awards for both Children’s Fiction; Best Cover Design: Fiction and 2022 The Bookfest First Place Award for Children’s Fiction – Fables; 2022 The BookFest Second Place Award for Children’s Fiction – Chapter Books; and 2022 BlueInk Review Notable Book.

LeBlanc began writing the series of seven books in 2010. The books are suggested for children ages six to ten and aspire to delight parents, grandparents, and teachers everywhere.

For additional information on “Toofer & The Giblet in the Big City” or to purchase a copy, please visit or


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