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Retro Romance

Nostalgic Cityscapes by Victor Colesnicenco

Victor Colesnicenco was born in 1968 in Chisinau, Moldova. This Eastern European nation is known for its rich artistic heritage. From childhood, Victor was determined to become an artist.

Colesnicenco’s rigorous traditional training has laid the foundation for the creation of his own confident and lively style. Victor’s interest in multi-media art allows him to bring vastly different elements together as he constructs his imaginative and nostalgic cityscapes.

Using both oils and acrylics in his mixed-media paintings, Victor creates with a plein-air feel. He is constantly investigating and developing new techniques. His international cityscape series is an innovative style combining photography, printing, and painting.

Through printing and subsequent pasting of his photographs, he then paints with acrylics and glazes to construct a fused and somewhat surreal vision of different cities. The charm and mood of famous cities are combined to create a dreamlike memory of time and space.

East West Fine Art owner Leeza Arkhangelskaya (LA) interviewed Victor (VC) about the inspirations behind his distinctive style.

LA: What would you call your style?

VC: I would call my style: Expressionism Plot Staging. This is my invention!

LA: Most of your artworks are paintings of various cities: large and small, American, and European. You make them look warm and cozy and somewhat romantic. Why does this theme attract you?

VC: I am trying to run from reality, chaotic cities, and to make my own imaginary, dream city and romantic place. I am willing to see happiness in my plot staging.

LA: Your paintings are filled with nostalgia for the lifestyle of 50s and 60s. What do you like about this era?

VC: I like to be in this time of the 50s, 60s, and 70s- it was the most romantic time. I was inspired by watching old movies. I wish I could live in this era, to live a simple life in the renaissance time after the second world war.

LA: You paint so many different cities: how do you chose what to paint? Do you think that every city has its own soul, its own music?

VC: In the morning, after a cup of strong coffee, I don’t know in which city I would like to go... going into my studio, seeing my materials, images of people, city landmarks, bars, restaurants, and cars...I start to develop the idea, perhaps scenes in Paris, or other cities. I can feel Parisian music, the sweet air after summer rain, the smell of delicious food and wine from the restaurants. I can hear cars, people, and birds in my head.

LA: Your paintings have so many elements of different media. It’s intriguing, how you put it all together. Describe your work process.

VC: My paintings are mixed-media on canvas. First, I start to make a scene from pieces of images, after that I am adding connections of different textures, like ribbons, linen clothes, patterned paper. After this preparation I start to paint, and connect all small pieces in one scene, with acrylic paint, and drawing with oil pastels and crayons. At the end, I cover the painting with clear acrylic gel media.

LA: From our experience, we know that you like to work on commissions. What’s the general message of your commissioned paintings?

VC: I like to work on commission. Looking at the materials my clients sent me, their favorite places, their memories. As an artist, I am trying to bring them to a more romantic, and cozy place.


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