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PBS Contractors: Rebuilding Better Lives

How Ian impacted our community and building back better

"Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by Hurricane Ian. The devastation and impact are being felt by our entire community. We must remember adversity builds strong character, strong character builds strong people, and strong people build strong communities. At PBS Contractors our purpose statement is ‘We Build Better Lives for Our Team, for Our Clients, and for our Community.’ This has never been more of a focus as we all come together to rebuild our community stronger than it was before.”

-Tim Dupre, President, and CEO, PBS Contractors

It has been heartbreaking to see the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian and the PBS Contractors team (many of whom are hurricane victims themselves) are dedicated to seeing our community brought back to life. We know many will be seeking to remodel or rebuild their homes and/or businesses and strongly encourage that FEMA guidelines that establish elevations at which you must build be strictly adhered to, and only licensed, experienced, and trusted contractors be hired for any jobs. PBS can help with ensuring that your home or business structure is being built back with the utmost safety in mind providing better protection from wind and water. PBS has confidence this can be accomplished while also restoring the beauty and vibrancy of the Southwest Florida community.

In accordance with our mission statement, PBS is working to support the needs of our community. In October, PBS Contractors held their award-winning “Russell's Barbecue.” This event is held each spring and fall and raises money for a different not-for-profit community organization at each barbecue. The beneficiary in October was the 100 Club of Collier County, and 100% of proceeds helped first responders and their families whose homes were lost or damaged by Hurricane Ian. In November, PBS Contractors plans to host a clothing drive for Dress for Success Southwest Florida to help women affected by Hurricane Ian. PBS also encourages donations to the Collier Comes Together Fund administered by the Collier Community Foundation.

As Russell Budd, Founder of PBS, states, “In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, our purpose has never been more clear or more urgent. Recovery will require unparalleled levels of time, resources, and hard work, and PBS is committed to not only rebuilding homes and businesses but rebuilding better lives for all of Southwest Florida.”


How to help those impacted by Ian:

The Collier Community Foundation:

Salvation Army of Collier County:

United Way of Collier and the Keys:


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