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KindLee and Pace Commemorate Former Scholarship Recipient

KindLee and the Pace Center for Girls joined forces on Tuesday, December 19, to honor the cherished memory of Terriana Paulk, a remarkable young woman who triumphed over personal and academic challenges. Thirty to forty young ladies created personal artistic and video messages of remembrance and kindness towards Terriana, a shining example in our community and a previous recipient of KindLee’s scholarship, being the first-ever recipient of the organization’s benevolence.

KindLee President and Pace Board Member Kelly L. Fayer addressed the children, emphasizing the importance of spreading kindness in remembering Terriana. Fayer stated, “Terriana showed us what it was to be strong and kind, proving that one can be both and a bright light for people.” She continued, “Help her parents. This will be their first holiday without Terriana, and we just want to show our support.”

The video and written messages from the girls were tender and heartwarming. One card, adorned with glitter and hearts, read, “Your daughter was an amazing person. She will always be with you.” Another, featuring a drawing of an angel, expressed, “She had such a beautiful heart.”

A video message, filled with sincere and heartfelt recollections, was created for Terriana’s parents, some accompanied by tears. The collective message was clear: “She was an amazing friend.” “She had a beautiful smile.” “We will always have her in our hearts and remember her.” “We love you.”

The girls expressed that the experience felt good, and they were glad to be part of an initiative promoting kindness in the community.

The life of Terriana Paulk was commemorated with acts of kindness at the Pace Center for Girls.

Terriana’s impactful journey led her to the PACE Center for Girls in 2020, where she sought support following a challenging period of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. After enduring three months alone in the hospital and receiving a pacemaker at eight years old due to a lifelong heart condition, Terriana’s resilience was truly inspiring. Tragically, just weeks after receiving the scholarship in her honor, she passed away suddenly at the age of 18 due to cardiac arrest.

For over thirty-five years, the Pace Center for Girls has dedicated itself to transforming the lives of young women. Established in 1985 by Vicki Burke, the first Pace Center opened its doors in Jacksonville, Florida, with a vision rooted in the understanding that girls often entered the juvenile justice system as a response to delinquent behavior triggered by trauma. Today, Pace annually serves over 3,000 girls across 23 locations in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. With a successful evidence-based model focusing on the development of critical life, health, and academic skills, Pace has positively altered the life trajectory of more than 40,000 girls and is acknowledged as a national advocate for those in need.

KindLee, an organization devoted to acts of kindness in Lee County, Florida, and beyond, invites individuals to share acts of kindness or explore opportunities to contribute by visiting

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