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  • Gary Price

Healthcare delayed is healthcare denied

NCH Hospital Cath Lab


As a resident of Naples and candidate for mayor, I am deeply concerned about the prolonged delay of the NCH Heart & Stroke Institute. We must address this critical issue and advocate for the timely completion of this vital facility. Healthcare delayed is healthcare denied, and we deserve top-tier stroke and heart care.

The NCH Heart and Stroke Institute holds the promise of providing cutting-edge cardiovascular care, ensuring the well-being of our community. However, the prolonged delay in its construction not only impedes our access to crucial medical services but also raises concerns about the effectiveness of our local government in addressing essential public needs.

The unexpected setbacks due to the council’s unwillingness to work with this community asset have led to serious delays which has resulted in millions lost. This delay directly affects the health and lives of our residents, and our current council is responsible. These delays have caused great anxiety and stress amongst the surgeons and their families who want to provide this level of care to our community.

Cardiovascular issues are extremely time-sensitive, and every day without the institute’s services jeopardizes the well-being of those who may urgently require specialized care.

What is missing in this process is a little common sense and recognition that the city council has made accommodations like the request of NCH for many other important projects over the past couple of years. I believe the planning advisory board (PAB) and council should follow the existing rules that allow them to approve the Heart Institute and parking garage and stop delaying this process. The PAB and council should not be distracted by trying to tell NCH how to run the hospital, how big the operating rooms should be, or any other matters not under the purview of the government.

I firmly stand against this delay and stress the need for swift resolution. Naples’ residents should not be denied access to critical healthcare resources due to bureaucratic hurdles or personal opinions, especially when a project is privately funded. It is the responsibility of our local government to prioritize the health and welfare of the community, ensuring that essential projects like the NCH Heart and Stroke Institute proceed without any further unnecessary delays. Just approve the project and let’s get to work.

Furthermore, this situation emphasizes the importance of proactive governance and strategic planning. As mayor, I will champion a proactive approach to healthcare ensuring that our community is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to address the evolving well-being and healthcare needs of our residents. I urge our community members to join me in advocating for the approval of the NCH Heart Institute. This is not some hotel development, this project is for life-saving care. An approval for life-saving care on behalf of the PAB and council is a step in the right direction towards serving residents the way they deserve to be served. Healthcare delayed is healthcare denied, and as your mayor, I am committed to preventing this denial from becoming a reality for the residents of Naples.

I encourage you to attend the planning advisory board meeting on December 13 and voice your support for the NCH Heart and Stroke Institute. Let’s make a powerful statement in favor of the health and well-being of Naples residents. Our community deserves world-class healthcare, and together, we can make it happen.

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