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Finding Divine Moments in Art

When Patrice Schelkun opened Immanence Fine Art Studio on Marco Island last spring, she envisioned a working space and gallery where visitors could experience a different kind of art than what most local galleries have to offer. “I’m not interested in painting big fields of abstract color and texture simply to satisfy the modern interior design aesthetic,” says Patrice. “What excites me is the idea of sharing a story or relaying the emotion of a particular moment in life.”

Patrice’s realist oil paintings center on traditional subject matter such as portraiture, figures in a landscape or floral still life, but with a more contemporary use of color and texture. “When I’m inspired to paint, it’s usually because I’m noticing how light is illuminating the subject or casting shadows in a way that stops me in my tracks, saying ‘Wow! Look how beautiful that is!’ I believe these moments that call our attention to beauty are really speaking of a divine presence around us that we too often ignore in the bustle of daily life. My hope is to share what I’ve experienced in those moments, and in doing so bring life and hope to others.”

Patrice and her husband moved to Naples from Bucks County, PA, where she produced commissioned paintings and architectural stained-glass windows for both residential and ecclesiastical clientele. They spend the summer months in New Jersey, closer to their children and grandchildren.

Left: I Will Guide You Through the Stormy Seas  |  24x24”  | Oil on canvas

Middle: In a Patch of Godlight  |  24x36”  |  Oil on linen

Right: Portrait of Doug Wilkins  |  30x40”  |  Oil on linen


Children are a favorite subject, in fact, and Patrice hopes to build a larger client list for commissioned paintings. A studio location close to the major hotels makes it easy to accommodate families who are interested in capturing beachfront memories in an original work of art. Clients interested in commissioning a painting can schedule a private session to produce photographic reference material or a preliminary color study on location or at home. Her studio is also equipped for more formal live portrait sittings. 


Immanence Fine Art Studio is located on the second floor at 683 S. Collier Boulevard. Open by appointment or by chance, collectors and visitors are welcome to shop or spend a few moments watching a studio painting in progress. Follow Schelkun Studio Arts on social media to find out more about special studio events, including workshops and classes.


Immanence Fine Art Studio

Open by Appointment or by Chance



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