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Children’s Advocacy Center of Collier County

A plea from Jackie Stephens, CEO

To the thousands of people and businesses who share the suffering of loss, we at the Children's Advocacy Center of Collier County feel your loss deeply, as we also have lost everything in the floodwaters of Hurricane Ian. While almost all our staff are all safe in their homes, the CAC facility has lost everything.

We are a crisis-oriented nonprofit organization. As the first responders to child abuse in our community, we work with law enforcement and the Department of Children and Families to determine if abuse has occurred and if it has, we provide immediate safety for the child and support for the families with therapy and advocacy to get through it all, at no cost.

Just two months ago we completed extensive new renovations. On September 28, our fresh new facility was inundated with flood waters. All carpeting, drywall, insulation, furnishings, forensic exam equipment, and therapy materials were destroyed. The nurturing hand-stitched quilts made with love by local ladies, donated clothing, toys, and stuffed animals from hundreds of caring people, were lost.

We’ve reached out to our community partners to help find temporary donated space or modest rental space for our therapy, forensic interviews, family safety visitations, and parenting observations during the months of water extraction and reconstruction ahead. We also desperately need funds to replace all equipment and contents.

The stories of people coming together, of helping, and of giving are a testament to the very best in humanity, and it is a joy to witness. We’ve been humbled by gifts ranging from a child’s $5 allowance to $50 and $100 donations, as well as contributions from local businesses that were more fortunate on September 28. With so many needs throughout our community, we are so grateful for every single donation.

For our children, with gratitude,

.. Jackie Stephens


How you can help

Share the CAC social media posts with your friends on social media.

Make a gift of any size to continue our work with the most traumatized children from babies to teens, and their families.


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