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All in the Family

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

All in the town

The Naples Design District logo features the tagline Art, Dine, Shop, Design, and two family-run businesses in this area match three of those four categories. Perhaps you've driven by these at the same charming vibrant green plaza on Central Ave. just east of U.S. 41.

If you've seen the rattan beach umbrella dancing in the breeze, you'll know it's time to pull over and pop into Shady & Katie, 945 Central Avenue, at the western part of the plaza. Summerfields flanks the eastern end, at 953 Central Avenue.

Shady & Katie refers to proprietor Becki Norris's twin daughters, Amanda ("Shady") and her sister, Meagan ("Katie"), all of whom run the shop during busy sales events. Otherwise, Becki and Meagan have enjoyed a full-time business partnership in this location for at least a decade with Amanda flying in to add to their team.

Their store features an array of clothing brands, some exclusive to them in Naples, along with jewelry, small accessories, and even vintage finds which make the store a visual treat of discovery.

Summerfields, with a sign proclaiming "Home • Garden • Gift," has an array of retail offerings as well as interior design services. Shari Summers, a licensed interior designer for four decades, moved to this location in 2008.

Now together with her daughter Stacey, their shop also features appealing accessories, art and mirrors, a variety of customizable furniture, and an astonishing selection of gift items. There is also an ever-changing pillow room - another delight to the eye.

It's a family business with an even deeper history in Naples, as mom Shari started her interior design career at R & R Robinson, located "back in the day" on 3rd Avenue South in Old Naples.

A fun fact: in addition to these two acclaimed and popular mother-daughter businesses, Shari's husband and Stacey's dad, Dan Summers, President of BSSW Architects and operates out of the office space tucked between the other two shops at 949 Central Avenue. He is also a founder of the Naples Design District.

Whether you're a newcomer or old-timer, seasonal or local, the Naples Design District offers a great mix of boutiques, restaurants, galleries and more. Plenty to enjoy while you support these family-run businesses. Check out the Design District while there and online:


Shady & Katie: 239.529.2751 or visit online or on Instagram @shadyandkatie

Summerfields: 239.430.2505 or visit online or on Instagram: @summerfields_naples


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