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Direct Mailed 

to the highest income communities in Naples

With a readership of upwards of 80,000, Old Naples News and North Naples News targets the most upscale households in Naples via direct mail. Your message will be delivered to some of the wealthiest consumers in Naples. It is our aim to provide a positive news source for this vibrant community through our publications. It is our goal to highlight all that is great about Naples and its leaders. It is truly a blessing to live in a beautiful city like ours. Our goal is to inform and facilitate a positive quality of life for the public. Old Naples News and North Naples News are a guide and passport to the best of life in our part of the world. A celebration of people and businesses with passions who make the most of life in Naples. Our focus is on the arts, health, finance, golf, non-profits, local businesses, and leaders who play an important role in our community.

Publishing Schedule

Old Naples News & North Naples News publish eight issues a year. (Monthly, November-April, and May/June/July and Aug/Sept/Oct)  Glossy publications that feature ads that are as captivating as the editorial and the photos that surround them. If your target market is Naples' most affluent, then our publications are perfect for you. We direct-mail right into the hands of your target audience without requiring a subscription fee. 

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