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Sweat the Small Stuff


Daily activities are taken for granted. Ingrained in our everyday lives, there is not a lot of thinking involved. As far as our psyche, it is often said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” I am going to say quite the contrary when it comes to doing the right things for the body and health.

We are social beings. Included in socializing is usually eating and drinking of some sort. There are choices that are made that many times are not the healthiest. Cumulatively, it is our organs that suffer from these bad choices. Particularly, the pancreas and liver are affected in the digestive tract, while the heart, lungs, and brains take the cumulative effects of the overall lifestyle that is followed.

Genetics certainly play a role in our future BUT it is more the lifestyle that ultimately affects health. Fight the good fight and change bad habits and make some better choices.

It seems that many people who come to Naples overindulge in food and drink. There are a few things that should be done each day despite the dietary way of living.

These are:

  • Drink a lot of water each day (approximately half your body weight in ounces of water). Prior to a meal, have a glass of water.

  • If medications are taken daily, drink a whole glass of water with it and not just a sip.

  • Eat slowly, chewing the food so that it is liquified before swallowing. This will be more easily digested and put less of a strain on the digestive tract. Chewing provides a sense of pleasure, and you will eat more slowly and get the feeling of satiation without overeating.

  • Consider a diet of plant-based foods. It has been proven over and over that plant-based eating provides a better opportunity to increase longevity in a healthy way.

  • Eat healthy fats like avocado and olive oil and avoid the bad fats.

  • If you are going to consume alcohol, consider less sugary options. Simple syrups and many drink mixes have a high amount of simple sugars that affect the pancreas and liver. When the liver gets “fatty” its efficiency in burning carbohydrates changes.

Another area of concern for many people is to exercise and find the right exercise for them. There are many fads and theories on exercise and as a person ages, choosing the right exercise is significant. Exercise for the aging needs to include cardiovascular, weight training, flexibility, posture, and balance.

Cardiovascular training is important, keeping your heart rate and blood pressure under control. Being more efficient with oxygen will allow less stress on the body. Some of the newer research is now emphasizing that cardiovascular training can be done in the form of intermittent training. Working the heart for four-minute intervals and rest periods in between seems to have a positive effect on the heart.

Weight training is another area of concern. New studies have stated that weight training is most important for longevity. The right form of exercise is key along with the amount of weight lifted. Lifting heavier weights safely puts a person in a state of adversity. The body strains but for fewer repetitions. This will try and promote increased muscle mass while not doing too many repetitions to cause excessive wear and tear on the body. Using a certain percentage of the one rep max is ideal to reach goals.

When weight training, work hard at putting efforts into each exercise. Most people go through exercising without ever thinking and connecting to the body. Feeling the muscle and focusing on getting the proper movement and mentally visualizing the contractions while working hard can promote much better results. Make sure plenty of protein is consumed within a few hours after the exercise as the body breaks down muscle to build muscle bigger and better. Also, make sure that when eating protein, a lot of water is consumed as well to decrease the concentration of substances in the system.

Take control of your health and body. A little more effort will go a long way. Here’s to your health!



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