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State of the City

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Citizens of the city of Naples may have noticed several new additions to our city–5G telephone poles. Currently, there are ten approved permits for 5G small antennas within the city of Naples. I am committed to informing all Naples residents of this issue regardless of their level of knowledge.

In 2017, the Florida Senate passed the Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act. This legislation requires cities to allow wireless providers to have access to city utility poles and right-of-way property at no charge. In 2019, Governor DeSantis signed SB1000 which further limited the power of the city to oppose wireless facility expansion. Both pieces of legislation circumvent Home Rule, the ability for cities to self-govern, which is a topic that has been discussed at length across the state for the past few years.

The Florida League of Cities along with Naples, Walton Beach, and Port Orange filed a lawsuit against the Florida Secretary of State and Department of Revenue in 2019. However, this case has since been dismissed. Since then, city councils across Florida including Naples are continuing to look towards challenging the State of Florida.

Throughout the past year, several concerns have been raised about these towers including the lack of environmental assessments (NEPA) for the towers, out-of-date safety standards for 5G, and the absence of insurance to protect the city. When I took office, one of my main goals for the city was to make the environment a priority. The city has yet to see any official proof that these towers are in line with what is required for the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

After hearing from citizens and fellow council members, the city is continuing the permitting and review process. However, we are actively working with experts to address these concerns and determine the best course of action moving forward.

Please keep being vigilant regarding the City Council’s decisions regarding 5G.

Thank you,

Mayor Teresa Heitmann


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