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Pop Artist Holly Manneck

Holly Manneck's process may be complex but her images are simple. They are a slice of life past and present that tell a story. As she develops a montage of images, a story emerges, which invites the viewer to experience the tale. She uses vintage images and her own photos that she connects with. Her hope is the viewer finds a connection that either evokes a feeling or thought within them. She often uses images of women to give a voice and sense of empowerment.

Holly earned a BS from the University of Vermont in Social Work and then continued her studies at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire where she studied Graphic Design and Fine Art.

Holly has lived in many places that include Norway, Germany, St. John USVI, Grand Cayman, onboard a cruise ship. She grew up in Vermont which allowed her to grow up in the ski industry. This also allowed her to teach skiing and snowboarding, which she grew very fond of. Holly also taught swimming and diving and for the last 10 years Holly and her husband live in Montana during the summer. All these experiences have shaped her artwork and have helped her to create a very unique style when she paints.


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