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Neapolitan Moods

Julia Kostsova, Gulfcoast Sunset • 35 x 63


Plein air impressionist Julia Kostsova’s new collection “Neapolitan Moods” is currently on display at East West Fine Art. Her paintings capture the charm of Naples’ streets and the pristine beauty of the coastline.

Julia Kostsova is a young and widely accomplished artist from St. Petersburg who has gravitated to working in monumental sizes and epic subject matter. Julia prepared this new collection from her studies and sketches that she created during her numerous visits to Southwest Florida.   

Julia Kostsova, Downtown Paradise • 35 x 63


Visits to Florida allow her to see nature in a different light, a tropical light. Originally, it was very difficult for her to achieve depth and contrast, due to the bleaching effect of the southern Floridian light. Kostsova quickly learned to have her plein air sessions early in the morning or during the approaching evening to reflect the whole realm of the pearlescent colors of the dawn and the deep, saturated palette of the tropical sunset.

Julia Kostsova, Del Mar • 60 x 40

At East West Fine Art, we have Russian artists, like Julia who visit Naples and work on commission. This is important to the mission of gallery owners Leeza and Olga Arkhangelskaya. Their life goal is to bridge their two mother countries – Russia and America. They strive to bring part of Russian art, education, philosophy, and spirituality to beautify Naples’ homes.

Artists like Julia spread harmony all around them and have tremendous integrity. “There is no limit to perfection, and I will always strive to reach new heights,” says the ambitious artist.

Julia holds herself and her artwork to the highest standards. “I want my art to be real,” she proclaims, “I want it to speak about beauty, poetry, and the essence of life. I believe that art should be alive and should speak to the soul. It must fill the heart with feelings of inner harmony, reveal the best qualities in people, and give hope, faith, and love.”

Artists, like Julia Kostsova are the best cultural ambassadors, promoting peace and understanding. There are so many false barriers that the general media has attempted to impose on us. But, through art, East West Fine Art shows the similarities in people with a mutual attraction to beauty and kindness. And what better way to bridge cultural barriers than through art?


Two Locations

Mercato: 9115 Strada Place, #5155  |  Downtown: 472 5th Ave. S.


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